Free Hotel Reservation Database & Prevent double booking using simple SQL

 Published On January 24, 2006

Hotel reservation database. Uses SQL to query rooms available / room availability & prevents double booking

Background: Created in Microsoft Access this is a relational database normalized to the third normal form. Hotel Reservation (booking) Database system made in using some basic SQL and Visual Basic (VB). This was a project for my AVCE ICT Course (Unit 6) which I completed in 2006. For this project I achieved an A. This hotel reservation database could be useful for anyone studying an ICT course such as
  • A Level, A/S Level
  • BTEC etc
  • or anyone wanting to produce a hotel reservation database.
This database is a working example of a simple hotel reservation system and was made using Microsoft Access. A relational database and sql for some of the queries. It can used as a Hotel Database template, and easily be modified. Originally, this was created for my AVCE ICT Unit 6 Database coursework and the documentation for that is included.

Some of the Hotel Reservation Database features:

  • Check for room availability for a range of days (SQL queries )
  • Create, Edit & Delete Bookings / Customer / Card Details
  • Print various reports for cleaners
  • Prevent double booking
  • Prevent rooms being booked when it is closed (if required)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
The Full version consists of the database file (.mdb), the original technical documentation produced for the AVCE ICT coursework. This database can be adapted to suit your needs,you cannot however re-distribute (free or otherwise) it without my permission! IT /ICT students Please do not hand it in as if it was your own  - it's cheating! why does it cost? I believe the price is reasonable to minimize advertising! the payment just  goes towards the web hosting of this site; bandwidth costs!

Download the Hotel Database

Download Demo The Demo (free version) is just a demonstration of what the database can do. There is no access to the design view of the database, and cannot be edited. This is in an .mde file, and requires Microsoft Access 2003 Download hotel database demo (.zip) - 3.6MB Download Hotel Database (Full) Download the Full Hotel Database (.zip) - FREE! sorry, but I can't offer any support for it as I no-longer have enough free time.


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